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Center for Evnironment and Occupational Health (CEOH)

Human activity has transformed environmental health in profound ways. While earlier environmental problems were relatively local, the problems of today are persistent and global. Continued exposures to toxic chemicals in the environment, global warming, population growth, habitat destruction and social/psychosocial factors have produced crises that require a multidisciplinary research for understanding complex issues. The science and knowledge we bring to the looming environmental crises must evolve to enable prevention/control and protection of public health; the programs in the CEOH seek to expand our knowledge base, provide exceptional training of students to address these issues, and interact with stakeholders. The mission of the CEOH is to take a leadership role in facilitating and promoting research into the biological effects of exposure to environmental agents in order to understand and predict how such exposures affect human health. The trust area of the CEOH is to protect people from toxic pollutants exposure and promotes eco-friendly products and practices that are safe for public health and the environment. To meet these goals, a team of highly experienced and professionally trained personnel are available.  



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