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Jyoti R Rout, PhD, FSPP

Tel : +91-7205074656
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Dr. Rout is presently working as an Assistant Professor in Asian Institute of Public Health (AIPH). Prior to joining he has worked as Assistant Professor and Head in P.G. Department of Biotechnology, Academy of Management and Information Technology, Bhubaneswar. He did his MSc degree in Biotechnology from North Orissa University in the year 2005. After completion of his master degree, he is engaged in industry like Saveer Biotech Limited, New Delhi and CloneGen Biotech Limited, Noida. Then actively engaged in research in the field of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and awarded his Ph.D. (Biotechnology) from Utkal University, in the year 2014. His area of specialization is molecular mechanism of abiotic stress tolerance, anti-oxidative defence mechanism, phytochemical and elemental analysis related to public health and environment. 


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