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World Health Day observance, April 7th 2021


Health For ALL
The foundation day of the World Health Organization (WHO), April 7 1948 is celebrated all over the world every year as the World Health Day. Over the past decades WHO has been leading numerous successful public campaigns to draw attention and awareness to a variety of global health issues to mark this occasion. The year, the theme is: Building a fairer, healthier world which very aptly reflects one of the constitutional principles of WHO “the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health is one of the fundamental rights of every human being without distinction of race, religion, political belief, economic or social condition”.
The harsh realities of existing economic and health inequalities in the world have been highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Undoubtedly, no nation has been left unaffected by this pandemic but the hardest hit countries are the ones lacking in adequate health services and access to health care. The status quo has to change and for that WHO is striving its efforts to swing the focus in the direction of building communities that promote health for all. It is crucial that the world leaders examine their national policies and make necessary amendments without further delay.
Due to the restriction on social gathering, a brief event involving various activities was organized at AIPHU campus following the social distancing norms. The program started off with a welcome by the first year MPH students, Jyoti Rath and Pallavi Pradhan which was followed by a presentation on the World Health Day, 2021 theme by Amitosh Dandasena, a first year MPH student. The students expressed and exhibited their interpretation of this year’s message of the world health day in the form of placards. A poster competition was held on the topic ‘Microbes show roadmap to health care’ in which the winner was Meera Kumara, a second year MSc (Microbiology) student.
Dr. Khirod K. Rout, Director Program Development captivated the audience with a power point lecture on ‘The importance of calorie intake and burn out for a healthier life’. The Vice Chancellor, Prof. A. P. Dash gave an informative address to the students about the evolution of WHO and importance of the world health day.  The Dean, School of Biological Sciences, Dr. Niranjan Behera, presented a talk focusing on the role of microorganisms in health. The program ended on a higher note with a quiz hosted by the Dean of School of Public Health followed by a vote of thanks by Niranjan Kumar, a first year MPH student. The students and faculty at AIPH University enthusiastically came together for the celebrations.

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