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Everyyear the World Hemophilia Day (WHD) is observed globally on April, 17 to raise awareness aboutHemophilia and other bleeding disorders.The date was chosen in honor of the World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH) founder Frank Schnabel's birthday.This year, the theme of WHDis: ‘Access for All: Partnership.Policy.Progress.Engaging your government, integrating inherited bleeding disorders into national policy.’ The aim is to sensitize people and governments about the disease, and achieve better diagnoses by providing people with access to healthcare.

The AIPH University students, faculty and visiting students of Bachelors of Physiotherapy (BPT)  from Susila Devi Institute of Health & Technology, Berhampurparticipated in various activities that were organized on campus to mark the WHD. Prof. Bisnu Prasad Dash, School of Biological Sciences (SBS) gave an informative lectureon Hemophilia in India in which he emphasized the public health aspectof  the problems and the need to reduce the burden through genetic counseling before marriage. He also stressed the necessity fotbetter medical treatment facilities for Hemophilia patients and the importance of bringing Hemophilia and other inherited bleeding disorders to the attention of policymakers.  Prof. Dash pointed out that this can be achieved by raising awareness which can increase sustainable and equitable access to care and treatment. 

Dr. Saraswata Mishra, Adjunct Professor, SPH addressed the audience and highlighted clinical facts about Hemophilia.The second-year MSc (Zoology) student, Ms. Gudi Swatipresented how this disease has transformed into a global challenge.She also shed some light on the history of events that led to the establishment of WHD by WHF.Another MSc (Zoology) student, Mr. Sanu Prasad Dash sharedinformation pertaining to thescientific causes of blood clotting and other associated problems in Hemophilia.The students got to totesttheir knowledge about Hemophila in the quiz competition hosted bysecond-year MSc (Zoology) students. Mr. Bhawani Suvenduand Ms. Ahesayeen.All studentsenthusiastically participated in the social media campaigns byposting photographsrelated to WHD themein various digitalplatforms.

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