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AIPH University Celebrates Word Environment Day, June 5: Only One Earth


Since the inception of world environment day in 1973, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has led the international campaign to raise environmental awareness and draw attention to the challenges that have to be urgently dealt with in various ways, including modifications in national and international environmental policies. In the past, every year World Environment Day has put a spotlight on a specific environmental issue like marine pollution, global warming, and sustainable consumption, and this year’s theme, Only One Earth, focusses on living sustainably in harmony with nature.

AIPH University joined million others in celebrating the World Environment Day and engaged in various activities that highlighted the need to protect our earth. In our cosmos, among billions of galaxies and planets we know of only one earth. This home of ours is also home to the plant, animal, and marine kingdoms where millions of species live in harmony and help each other in many different ways. Unfortunately, we the human beings have been tampering with and destroying our planet and the entire environment including air and water around us in many different ways in the name of development. Without serious cognizance and proactive action to save the environment, it will lead to disastrous consequences.

The recent pandemic has further demonstrated the importance of “One Health” where infectious organisms such as viruses can survive and grow in animal and bat hosts before becoming deadly to humans as in COVID-19 disease. Deforestation, climate change, over fertilization have not only affected humans, but insects and other organisms including those in the soil changing the canvas of vector borne diseases such and Dengue, Chikungunya, and Malaria among many others.  In fact, environmental health is one of the major pillars of public health and spans from health of humans to those of animals, birds, aquatic creatures, and plants. Unless equal attention to paid to all, it is impossible to maintain a healthy balance and support a thriving world. “Due to various human factors, the natural balance of the earth is getting disturbed. Rising temperatures and increased precipitation can promote an array of infectious diseases impacting the public health globally. Hence, we need to take utmost care of our environment, promote climate friendly activities to save our planet” said the VC, Padma Shri Prof. A. P. Dash. 

The Registrar, Deans, students and faculty of the schools of Public Health (SPH), Allied Health Sciences (SAHS), Biological Sciences (SBS) and Health Management (SHM) participated in the walkathon, organized by AIPH University. It started at Bhima Bhoi School for the Blind and concluded at Master Canteen square in Bhubaneswar. During the walk the students displayed a variety of messages on environment, saving trees, eco-friendly lifestyle etc, promoting public awareness through banners and placards. “We need to save our planet; we need to save the soil. We thus pledge to be the instrument of change on this World Environment Day to save the ecology and keep our earth habitable for the coming generations” said Dr. Jyoti Ranjan Rout, Asst Professor in SBH and the faculty-in charge for today’s program.

The street play ‘Save Environment Save Earth’ was presented by SPH students, Rojalin Moharana, Sneha Sahu, Akankhya Kashyap, Sasmita Behera, Jogita Khamari, Anupama Jena, Sushmita Priyadarshini, Rameswar Behera and Soumya Krishna Giun, which was based on the life of Shri Himmata Ram Bhambhu, a bird and wildlife conservationist, and an environment preservation activist. The play titled “Save Us to Save You” was presented by SAHS students, Jagan Roy, Soumya Ranjan Behera, Sefali Jena, Ipsita Gantayat, Arpita Panda, Nupur Nandini and Sonali Khara, and portrayed the impact of deforestation on the environment and climate. 

The SBS students Rashmita Sahu, Baishali Kharsel, Samarpita Sarangi, Biswamaitree Pahari, Shradha Biswal, Uchhashree Dash, Pujyasmita Sahoo, and Syeda Zainab Afreen, performed the play titled ‘Our Earth Our Pride’ which conveyed the message of degradation of environment by human beings and its side effects.  The group dance performers were Ms. Barsa Barnali Ojha, Subhangi Pradhan, Gudi Swati and Reeya Mohanty and the title was “Aao doston tumko bataye paryavaran ke bare mein and thodi hawa aane do taji”.


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