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Completed Research

1. Title: Associations of menstrual hygiene management practices and infections of lower female reproductive tract.
Principal Investigator: Dr P Das
Funding Source: London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK
Project period: 2014-15

2. Title: Improving TB case detection through use of modern Xpert MTB/RIF genetic technology & enhancing referral through participation of non-formal medical service providers
Principal Investigator: Dr A Dutta
Funding Source: TB-Reach, WHO
Project period: 2014-15

3. Title: Improvement in the quality of care in the maternity center's of the District Headquarter Hospitals
Principal Investigator: Dr A Dutta
Funding Source: TMST, DFID
Project period: 2014-15

4. Title: Assessment of Health Status of Primitive and Tribal Groups in Odisha
Principal Investigator: Dr K C Sahoo
Funding Source: SCSTRTI, Ministry of Tribal Affairs
Project period: 2014-15

5. Title:Community and hospital burden of antibiotic resistance in the Indian pediatric population: impact of probiotics and geography
Principal Investigator:Dr P R Misra
Funding Source: ICMR
Project period: 2014-15

6. Title:Life course approach for exploring the impact of sanitation access and menstrual hygiene management on psychosocial stress, behavior, and health among girls, women, and neonates in Odisha (Orissa), India
Principal Investigator: Dr BS Das
Funding Source: Sanitation and Hygiene Applied Research for Equity(SHARE)
Project period:2013-15

7. Title:Orissa Sanitation Trial Fecal Source Tracking and Pathogen Exposure Sub study
Principal Investigator:Dr P Panigrahi
Funding Source: UC, Davis
Project period: 2013-15

8. Title:IMMENSE- Child Health and Development study in India (Impact of maternal, environmental, socio-demographic and economic factors on child health and development in India)
Principal Investigator:Dr P Panigrahi
Funding Source:UN Foundation
Project period: 2012-15

9. Title:Environmental health impact of household energy choices in India
Principal Investigator:Dr B K Padhi
Funding Source: DUKE University
Project period: 2012-14

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