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Shidharth Sankar Ram

Dr. Shidharth Sankar Ram joined as an Assistant Professor in the School of Biological Sciences at the AIPH University in January 2021. He received his M.Sc. degree in Botany from Utkal University in 2005, and earned his Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences from Calcutta University in 2014. Part of PhD was completed under split-site PhD fellowship (Commonwealth- Scholarship) at University of Cambridge, UK. Dr. Ram then moved to Taiwan as a Postdoctoral Research fellow to work at National Central University (2015) with Prof. C.T. Lee. Then he returned to India to join as a Postdoctoral Research fellow (2015-2017) and NPDF (2017-2019) at Institute of Physics, Bhubaneswar. Dr. Ram joined as Assistant Professor (Contractual) at the AIPH University in 2019 (Sep-Dec.). He has produced over 25 peer-reviewed publications, and presented his work in 10+ International conferences. Dr. Ram has received several young researcher awards (international). His research interest is in sustainable approach to environmental health with special reference to plant-soil-air-water and development of techniques for climate change mitigation. 


  • Shaida MA, Dutta RK, Sen AK, Ram S.S., Sudarshan M, Naushad M, Boczkaj G, Nawab MS. (2022). Chemical analysis of low carbon content coals and their applications as dye adsorbent. Chemosphere. 287(4):132286. doi: 10.1016/j.chemosphere.2021.132286. (2020 Impact Factor: 7.1)

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  • S Jagatee, J R Rout, S Behera, Ram, S. S., M Sudarshan, C Pradhan, S L Sahoo, R C Mohanty. (2021). Effect of enzymatic hydrolysis on structural, chemical and elemental properties of sweet potato flour. Waste Biomass Valor. 12:687–697. (2020 Impact Factor: 3.7) 

  • Das S., Ram, S. S., M. Sudarshan, A. Chakraborty and H. N. Thatoi. (2019). Proton Induced X-Ray analysis of soil and water samples from chromite mine environment of Sukinda, Odisha for determination of toxic metal ion contamination. J. of Applied Spectroscopy. 86(2):270-275. (2020 Impact Factor: 0.7)

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  • Rout J.R., Kerry R.G., Panigrahi D., Sahoo S.L., Pradhan C., Ram S.S., Chakraborty A, Sudarshan M. (2019). Biochemical, molecular, and elemental profiling of Withania somnifera L. with response to zinc stress. Environ Sci Pollut Res. 26(4):4116-4129. (2020 Impact Factor: 4.2)

  • Ram S.S., A. Aich, P. Sengupta, A. Chakraborty, M.Sudarshan. (2018). Assessment of trace metal contamination of wetland sediments from eastern and western coastal region of India dominated with mangrove forest. Chemosphere. 211:1113-1122.  (2020 Impact Factor: 7.1)

  • Bakshi M, Ghosh S, Ram S. S., Sudarshan M., Chakraborty A, Biswas J, Sabry M. S; Niaz K N; Rinklebe J, Chaudhuri P. (2019). Sediment quality, elemental bioaccumulation and antimicrobial properties of mangroves of Indian Sundarban. Environ Geochem Health 41(1):275-296. (2020 Impact Factor: 4.6)

  • Nayak P., Ram S. S., Kalidass C. (2017). PIXE-based detection of elemental accumulation during direct organogenesis in Blepharispermum subsessile DC.: An endangered medicinal plant of Odisha, India.  X-Ray Spectrometry 46 (6):529-536. (2020 Impact Factor: 1.5)

  • Arun T., Ram S. S., Karthikeyan B., Ranjith P., Ray D. K., Rout B., Krishna J. B. M., Sengupta P., Satyam P. V. (2017). Ion beam radiation effects on natural Halite crystals. NIMB. 496:216-220. (2020 Impact Factor: 1.4)

  • Eakshi M., Ram S. S., Ghosh S., Chakraborty A., Sudarshan M., Chaudhuri P. (2017). Micro spatial variation of elemental distribution in estuarine sediment and their accumulation in mangroves of Indian Sundarban. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 189:221-236. (2020 Impact Factor: 2.5)

  • Ghosh S, Ram S. S.,Bakshi M, Sudarshan M., Chaudhuri P. (2016). Vertical and horizontal variation of elemental contamination in sediments of Hooghly estuary, India. Marine Pollution Bulletin. 109:539-549. (2020 Impact Factor: 5.5)

  • Rout J. R., Sahoo S. L., Das R., Ram S. S., Chakraborty A., Sudarshan M. (2016). Changes in antioxidant enzyme activities and elemental profiling of Abutilon indicum L. subjected to copper stress. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci., India, Sect. B Biol. Sci. 87(4):1469–1478.(2020 Impact Factor: 0.96)

  • Nguyen D. L., Kawamura K., Ono K., Ram S. S., Engling G., Lee C.T.,  et al., (2016). Comprehensive PM2.5 organic molecular composition and stable carbon isotope ratios of biomass burning smoke at Sonla, Vietnam: Fingerprint of biomass burning components. Aerosol and Air Quality Research. 16: 2618–2634. (2020 Impact Factor: 3.1)

  • Lee C.T., Ram S. S., Nguyen D. L., Chou C. C. K., et al., (2016). Aerosol chemical profile of near-source biomass burning smoke at Sonla, Vietnam during 7-SEAS campaigns in 2012 and 2013. Aerosol and Air Quality Research. 16: 2603–2617. (2020 Impact Factor: 3.1)

  • Ram S.S., Majumder S., Chaudhuri P., Chanda S., Santra S., Chakraborty A., Sudarshan M. (2015). A review on air pollution monitoring and management using plants with special reference to foliar dust adsorption and physiological stress responses. Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology. 45 (23):2489-2522. (2020 Impact Factor: 12.5)

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  • Dutta R. K., Sarkar S., Ram, S. S., Sudarshan M., Acharya R., Reddy A. V. R. (2014). Applications of EDXRF and INAA techniques for studying impact of industries to the environment. J Radioanal Nucl Chem. 302:1519–1523. (2020 Impact Factor: 1.3)

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  • Ram S.S., Majumder S., Chaudhuri P., Chanda S., Santra S., Chakraborty A., Sudarshan M. (2010). Characterization of dust particulates deposited on plant leaf surfaces using EDXRF: An approach for pollution monitoring. Int. J. Env. Sci. 1 (2): 233-238. (2020 Impact Factor: N/A)

  • Ram S. S., Chakraborty A., Sahoo S. L. Physiological responses of water hyacinth to water pollution in and around Kolkata. Int.J.Env.Sci. (2010)1(2):183-188. (2020 Impact Factor: N/A)

  • Majumder S., Ram S.S., Jana N.K., Santra S., Chakraborty A., Sudarshan M. (2009). Accumulation of minor and trace elements in lichens in and around Kolkata, India: an application of X-ray fluorescence techniques to air pollution monitoring. X-ray Spectrometry. 38:469-473. (2020 Impact Factor: 1.5)


Scholarships and Awards

  • Financial Support by ICTP, Trieste and IAEA to attend the joint ICTP-IAEA Advanced Workshop July 2019, ICTP, Triesty, Italy.

  • CSIR-International Travel Support to attend and present research work at 14TH International Conference on the Biogeochemistry of Trace Elements (ICOBTE 2017), 16-20 July, 2017, ETH Zurich, Switzerland.

  • Financial Support by ICTP, Trieste and IAEA to attend the joint ICTP-IAEA Advanced Workshop on High Sensitivity 2D &3D Characterization and Imaging with Ion Beams, September 26-30, 2016, ICTP, Triesty, Italy.

  • International travel support (SERB-DST) to attend and deliver oral presentation at ICHMET-2016, Ghent, Belgium.

  • Young Scientist Award by organizers of ESTIEH 2014, VSU, Nellore, India.

  • American Alumni Grant 2012 St Edmund’s College, University of Cambridge, for Academic Visit to USA Institutes

  • Young Researcher Bursary Award by organizers of EXRS 2012, Vienna, Austria

  • Young Researcher Award by organizers of Air Quality 2012, Athens, Greece

  • CIPF Grant-2012, University of Cambridge, UK

  • Cambridge Commonwealth Trust Scholar 2011-12, University of Cambridge, UK

  • Commonwealth Split-Site PhD Scholar 2011-12, at University of Cambridge, UK

  • National Scholarship, Govt. Of India 1998, 2000-2003, 2003-05

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