The Office of Career Services (OCS) at AIPH University provides professional guidance to all students in making choices that match their interests and career goals. The placement cell takes relevant steps in identifying demands of jobs in diverse field's helps students understand their career potential as well as the selection of their preferred industry. A detailed compilation of the current employment opportunities in various specialized sectors is made available to the students to facilitate job search and interaction with the prospective recruiters. Select companies/organizations/NGOs are invited to participate in the job fair organized at the AIPH University campus.

The OCS also provides One-on-one coaching to support students in many other important ways. The students are trained to cultivate essential soft skills. They also get advised in the preparation of CV, cover letter, Linked profile and practising interviews. The office also supports the Alumni Network which provides an invaluable resource for recruitment for our students.

The OCS plays a crucial role in identifying the skill sets of the students and to steer them in the direction of finding a suitable position that maximizes their potential and serves as a stepping stone to a successful career.

The graduated students are well placed under these organizations: